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Mélanie Chappuis - Reader's Prize of the City of Lausanne

09 Nov 2019

Born in 1976 in Bonn, Germany, Mélanie Chappuis is a writer, journalist and columnist. She spent her childhood between Latin America and West Africa. She lives in Geneva. She is the author of six novels, two collections of short stories and two collections of columns including "Cold kisses like the moon", "Maculated conception", "Women in love, monologues" and "O you, human sisters".
At the age of 22, Adèle Meurice realizes that she has a gift: that of "seeing" the death, near or far, of her lovers at the moment of orgasm. This ability to glimpse the worst in ecstatic circumstances weighs like a curse in his love life. "Pythia" (Slatkine) pushes the heroine into an exciting quest for identity around pleasure, memory, transmission, resilience and shamanism.

Admission free on registration in the measure of places available at prixdeslecteurs(at)

The meeting takes place at 11am, followed by a gourmet aperitif and a book signing session.