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Frequently asked questions

How is it different to the paper version?
The content is the same. The main difference is how the vouchers are used as you present the voucher on your smartphone when it's time to pay.

How to use the application? 
Please refer to the tab "Using the app".

When should I use the voucher/press the "use" button?
When you pay for the service. The maître d’hôtel at the restaurants and bars will scan the QR code on the voucher. Elsewhere, simply press "use" and tick to confirm when it's time to pay.

Is the paper card still available?
It has been entirely replaced by the app.

What if I don't have a smartphone?
You can contact Ms Ulrike Kuechle-Oguey, your dedicated La Carte contact.

Can I use La Carte once I've downloaded the app?
You can view the vouchers, offers and events. You have to create a profile and buy a card by credit card or invoice to use La Carte. The vouchers can be used immediately.

How long must I wait between signing up to La Carte and using it?
La Carte's advantages are instantly available if you pay by credit card. If you pay by invoice, La Carte's advantages will be available when Lausanne Palace receives payment.

Does it automatically renew?
It doesn't automatically renew, you can buy a new card at your leisure. You will receive a message a few days before it runs out to inform you that your current La Carte is soon expiring.

What if I forget my phone?
Unfortunately, you won't be able to use the advantages. But you can always download the app on another phone (e.g. your guest's phone) and log in to use the voucher then log off.

How do I make a booking?
Inform us that you are a La Carte cardholder.

Can I share La Carte with my friends and family?
Several people can use La Carte with the same username. Log onto the "Profile" tab. You can also send other people vouchers whenever you like.

What if I lose my phone?
We recommend informing us as soon as possible so we can suspend your account and set it up again with the remaining vouchers.

How long is La Carte valid for?
All the La Carte advantages are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.