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Natural cuisine

Yogi Booster

Natural cuisine

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Healthy and delightful nutrition

Combine with a treatment at the Spa or just come for the exceptional food: the Yogi Booster menus rediscover the true natural flavours of healthy and detox cuisine.

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Health Capital

A pioneering nutritional concept

Thought through in minute detail, Yogi Booster is a place where health is promoted with natural nutrition. The innovative idea came from restaurants where vegetal, organic and detox foods restore people’s desire to “eat well”.

“Tell me what you eat, and I'll tell you who you are” – this concept, embracing a completely balanced and organic plant-based diet, provides an answer to all those who are concerned with “living better”.

Yogi Booster offers a healthy diet rich in anti-oxidants. It is defined as: Hypotoxic, largely made up of plant-based foods, raw, As “organic” as possible, fresh fruit, oily fruits, some pulses and cereals for amino acid intake, some plant-based dairy drinks. 

There is no excess – instead, the simple pleasure of eating slowly and peacefully. The foods are served in ideal combinations (vegetable proteins with vegetables, starch with vegetables, fruit). 

Yogi Booster Concept

Healthy meals throughout the day

The Yogi Booster elaborates a complete vegetarian meal that changes daily according to the morning arrivals from our producers, market gardeners, herbalists with the objective of offering complete dishes with a majority of Swiss and organic products.

  • Plate of the day : Raw vegetables, raw fruit and vegetables, oilseeds, sprouted seeds, portion of cereal of the day, legume of the day / CHF 32.- (CHF 29.- to take away)
  • Plate Emotions : Raw vegetables, raw fruit and vegetables, oilseeds, sprouted seeds, portion of cereal of the day, legume of the day with protein of the day type : smoked tofu / CHF 39.- (CHF 37.- to take away) 

Pastries and birthday cakes produced by our team by hand. 
The grocery of the Yogi Booster also offers you crackers, cereal bars, brownies, cake, cookies, chocolate truffles, food supplements, fermented drinks.

All our dishes are available to take away on order. 

Juices, Smoothies, Fruit Kefir, Kombucha

Allies of a healthy diet

The Yogi Booster bar offers a diverse range of fruit juices and vegetable juices to get you back on form and to support a healthy body and soul.

For our “pure juices” and “smoothie breaks”, we combine fruits, vegetables, plant-based milks and natural food supplements to encourage e.g. “head to toe stimulation”, “beauty”, “slimming”, “detox”, “chill out” or “energy” – depending on your needs.

We also offer our homemade kombucha and fruit kefir, which we flavor as we wish throughout the year. To promote an optimal amount of good bacteria in our intestine, eating fermented foods daily is good. In addition, we season these drinks with various plants, which can increase their therapeutic properties by giving them, for example, antioxidant, energizing or soothing properties.

Bottle of fruit kefir (prepared with organic lemon and ginger) or kombucha (flavored with organic maple syrup and ginger)

  • 20cl bottle: CHF 5.-
  • 1L bottle: CHF 15.-