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Beauty Care

Located at the heart of Lausanne, the Spa is the ideal beauty escape for busy women and men who want to discover their inner god / goddess and experience instant total relaxation!

The Beauty Centre of the Spa is open to everyone. With our selection of cosmetic brands for men and women, we can offer a range of skincare treatments for the face.

Our beauticians are happy to give you a personalised skin assessment with each treatment.


VALMONT Magician of Time

True to its roots and its first creations, Valmont enchants women with authentic products that feature proven effectiveness, beauty secrets passed down from mother to daughter…

For cabin treatments, Valmont's anti-aging expertise showcased with a full array of targeted treatments.

Instantly recognizable thanks to the Butterfly motion, each beauty ritual features its own iconic treatment, with a name inspired by the brand's Swiss legacy.

And to go even further in adapting to the constraints of modern life, Signature facial treatments are available in two versions:

  • Complete (60 min)
  • Intensive (90 min)


  • Valmont's 360-degree expertise: Total immersion from head to toe (75 min)

The MENARD' specificities:

SHIATSU: Shiatsu consists of finger pressure exerted at specific points along the body's energy flow. It activates the metabolism and releases tensions and fades the signs of tiredness for a soft harmony of body and mind.

OSHIBORI: These lightly scented cotton towels are moistened, heated and gently deposited on your skin. By wrapping your face, the oshibori improves the penetration of the assets of the care and provides pleasure and well-being.

The EMBELLIR line is a complete range of exceptional anti-aging products that act in the heart of cells thanks to state-of-the-art technology: encapsulation and its precious asset "Reishi".

In this line, MENARD has been interested in the skin's genes, but also in the proteins synthesized by the skin cells since these genes. It leaves the genomic spere, to enroll in the protonic.

Discover more about the philosophy MENARD


CHADO's makeup emphasizes and strengthens facial expressions. Eyebrow and complexion work is essential in the quest for harmonious makeup.
A natural makeup will sublimate the beauty of a woman with elegance. It will highlight the strengths of the face, draw attention to the beautiful, the expression of his inner heart.

Body Care

The Spa at Lausanne Palace draws on ancient ayurvedic and other wellness traditions from around the world to devise healing treatments for body and soul. After just a few minutes, you will already be brimming with new energy, in harmony with yourself.

The convenient location of Lausanne Palace and its spa area allows you to get a pampering treatment in between meetings. A real break from the daily grind.

Pure massages

You will immediately feel rested, pampered and light after a pure massage at our Spa.

With the help of essential or scented oils, our professionals’ expert hands track down tense areas and even tackle cellulite – for an unparalleled smooth sensation.
Each massage lasts 75 or 50 minutes, depending on your needs and the time allotted.

Discover our pure massages

La beauté pour tous
Beauty for everyone

The active guests of Lausanne Palace – men and women alike – tend to enjoy taking care of their body in a splendid and relaxing setting. The Spa offers them a comprehensive range of treatments – conveniently at the heart of the city, thus easy to get to from anywhere in Lausanne.

Our manicures and pedicures for men and women will fill you with renewed confidence, right to the tips of your fingers and toes.

Why not prepare for a carefree holiday with one of our Occidental or Oriental hair removal treatments? It is sure to make you feel divine.

Harmonising energies

The Spa at Lausanne Palace is always searching for the best methods and traditions from around the world to balance our energies.

South East Asian Thai massages for the body and feet are also a real delight.

Discover our Massages "Harmonisation des Energies"

Ayurveda – an Indian tradition

Developed in India, Ayurveda is recognised as one of the oldest philosophies, medical systems and sciences in the world. Following this tradition is an effective way to promote a healthy lifestyle and to prevent disease.
The wise principles of Ayurveda link a deep knowledge of our physical and psychic constitution with an equally profound knowledge of nature. Ayurveda encourages people to practice yoga and meditate in order to stay mentally and physically balanced. It also promotes healthy eating to support good health.

Massages and the use of plant, flower and herb extracts are also part of the philosophy.

Discover our Massages "Tradition Indienne"

Slimming technology - Cellu M6

Endermology is an exclusive and non-invasive technique with which to remodel, smooth and tone your body. Originally, endermology was used to treat scars, burns and damaged muscle tissue, but then it was discovered that it had a surprising side-effect: it visibly reduced cellulite and magicked away centimetres of fat in the treated areas.

Discover our "brochure minceur"