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Our people, our most important resources

Because it is rooted in the history of a family that has never ceased to advocate the spirit of enterprise and innovation, the beauty of Swiss traditions and respect for the people who bring them to life, the Sandoz Hotels Foundation, which groups together some of the jewels of the Swiss hotel industry, such as the Beau-Rivage Palace, the Lausanne Palace, the Château d'Ouchy and the Hôtel Angleterre & Résidence in Lausanne, and the Palafitte in Neuchâtel, has always placed its employees at the centre of its concerns.

In order to remain faithful to this state of mind and to always shine with our clients, our hotels have two major assets: excellent services and employees who are as passionate as they are committed.
One cannot be achieved without the other if we are to carry out our mission as we see it: to contribute to the happiness of our guests, to offer them unforgettable moments, to meet their expectations and to continue to surprise them.

For these reasons, the human element remains our primary concern.

For what would the Sandoz Foundation hotels be without all those who, every day, in the light or in the shade, bring them to life? Luxurious establishments, certainly rich in history, but lacking a certain extra soul, an indispensable human warmth, that little extra something that makes all the difference.

Convinced that our employees are our real asset, their well-being, which is the only guarantee of a quality welcome and a form of serenity that shows on our guests, is at the centre of our priorities.



For these reasons, joining Sandoz Foundation Hotels means choosing to work for a group with family and human values.