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Business Ville
Business Room City View

Business City room size: 30 to 40 m2 for a double room, 25 m2 for a single room.

The warm and respectful welcome you receive at Lausanne Palace feels like meeting old friends.
The view of the cathedral and the charming little streets of Lausanne.

Executive Ville
Executive Room City View

Executive City room size: 35 to 45 m2, decorated in a contemporary and elegant style.

Having taken the lift and having walked down the plush corridors of Lausanne Palace, you will already feel you have discovered a well-kept secret.

Executive partielle Lac
Executive Room Partial Lake View

Executive City room size: 35 to 45 m2

Decorated in a contemporary and elegant style, the Executive City rooms appear to say that anything is possible here. Lausanne has two faces: thrilling city and soothing port. To be able to enjoy these opposites in one place is a rare opportunity you should make the most of

Deluxe Lac
Deluxe Lake View

Deluxe Lake room size: 35 to 50 m2, Lenjoy the two faces of Lausanne: thrilling city and soothing port.
Some even feature a private panoramic balcony, spoiling you with refreshing views of Lake Geneva and the Alps when you take a break between two business meetings or shopping sprees.

Junior Suite Ville
Junior Suite City View

Junior Suite City room size: 60 m2,admire the view of the cathedral or the city of Lausanne (some Junior Suites even have their own balcony): the real luxury of the Junior Suite City rooms at Lausanne Palace is to have the choice.
It is possible to adapt the rooms to your needs by linking two Junior Suites.

Junior Suite Lac
Junior Suite Lake View

Wherever you are in the Junior Suite Lake – in the lounge area, on the comfy bed or on the balcony (available with some rooms) – Lake Geneva and the Alps are always in sight, reassuring, steadfast.

Area View Position Balcony
Business Room City View
30 to 40m2 City View North No
Executive Room City View
35 to 45m2 City View North No
Deluxe Room Lake View
35 to 50m2 Lake & Alps View South Yes
Junior Suite City View
60m2 City View North On request
Junior Suite Lake View
60m2 Lake & Alps View South Yes


Suite Ville
Suite City View

City Suite room size: between 70 and 100 m2.

The spacious City Suites have plenty of natural daylight flooding in, enhancing the white and cream colour scheme as well as the light wood of the contemporary furniture, making every stay in Lausanne an unforgettable experience.

Suite Lac
Suite Lake View

You’ll be struggling to choose your favourite part: the lounge area with decorative fireplace, the large bathroom or the balcony / private terrace overlooking Lake Geneva and the Alps.

Suite Presidentielle
Presidential Suite

Presidential Suite room size: 130 m2

Contemporary and refined, the Presidential Suites at Lausanne Palace spoil their guests with exceptional private spaces, as well as a splendid view of Lake Geneva and the Alps. The luxurious bathroom with jacuzzi, the private bar, the dressing room and the precious wooden furniture will enhance your stay, making it elegant and a guaranteed success.

Suite Samaranch
Samaranch Suite

Located on the 5th floor of the palace, the Samaranch Suite boasts a grand view of Lake Geneva and the Alps.
It comprises five rooms covering a total of 132 m2.

Suite Coco Chanel
Coco Chanel Suite

Celebrity client of Lausanne Palace for several years, the famous Parisian designer Coco Chanel largely inspired the design of this suite in shades of sky blue and cream. Located on the 5th floor of the palace, it boasts a magnificent balcony offering an exceptional view of Lake Geneva..

Area View Position Balcony
Suite City View
70 to 100m2 City View North On Request
Lake Suite
70 to 100m2 Lake & Alps View South Yes
Presidential Suite
130m2 Lake & Alps View South Yes
Samaranche Suite
132m2 Lake & Alps View South Yes
Coco Chanel Suite
170m2 Lake & Alps View South Yes