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Taking responsibility for the environment:

“Our mission is to take care of the world we live in by exercising mindfulness in the manufacture of our products and encouraging the recycling of all packaging. At AVEDA, we strive to be a good example by showing respect for nature. We want to do good, not only in the world of beauty but also around the globe,” says Horst Rechelbacher, founder at AVEDA.

In order to save the environment, AVEDA pays scrupulous attention to the four “Rs”: “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Reflect”.


In a spacious, cosy and delightfully retro space dominated by large mirrors and leather seats, the Hair Spa mixes style and care – right in the heart of Lausanne Palace. The AVEDA products, all based on natural ingredients, are also sold in the salon. We provide professional hairstyling and promote well-being – the AVEDA Damage Remedy Hair & Scalp Renewal is the signature treatment of the Hair Spa. It combines an intense care of the scalp with a relaxing massage of the shoulders and the scalp, followed by a deep hydration right down to the tips of your hair.

Everything for the beauty of your hair

Our philosophy is based on personalised creativity. We consider the expectations and needs of our customers, but also their personality and their way of life.

After a complete assessment, the pleasurable part begins: shampooing accompanied by a soothing massage of the head, neck and shoulders.
Are you in search of inspiration, motivation or a radical transformation? Our Hair Spa always happy to give advice.

Colouring services:
AVEDA Full Spectrum dyes hair with a 97% natural formula for “protective permanent” colours and a 99% natural formula for “semi-permanent” colours.
The composition is enriched with sunflower oils, castor oil and jojoba to maintain healthy hair with exceptional radiance. AVEDA’s patented technology – based on green tea – guarantees an intense colour.


Sensory Journey

All AVEDA treatments are preceded by a sensory test, the Sensory Journey. You can personally choose from the different blends of plant aromas on offer. These scents – key elements, whose composition is a closely guarded secret – will inspire you and correspond to your physical and mental state.

A relaxing hand massage accompanies each of our treatments.


The AVEDA philosophy

Produits essences de plantes fleurs
Products derived from plant and flower essences

“The Art and Science of AVEDA” is based on using raw materials, ideally in their natural state and as unprocessed as possible.

AVEDA offers unique aromas, which come from certified organic oils. Traditional cultures from around the world are the main source of ingredients for the manufacture of AVEDA products. The ingredients are harvested with respect for the environment and for the producing communities.

Traçabilité des ingrédients
Traceability of ingredients

For the development of each product, AVEDA has put in place stringent controls to keep track of the origin of all the ingredients. All farmers and harvesting partners of AVEDA, e.g. located in Brazil or Peru, respect the principles of organic farming.
Economically and culturally, this collaboration creates an encouraging and sustainable partnership for these communities.

Soins personnalisés
Personalised treatments

AVEDA hair care is developed according to the individual needs of each person: after a thorough examination of the hair and scalp, we devise a bespoke hair treatment.
To enable you to continue the beneficial treatment at home, the hairdresser will advise you on a number of rituals you can follow for the health of your hair and comfort of your scalp.