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An invitation to travel

The vision of the Executive Chef of the Lausanne Palace, Christian Bertogna

Appointed Executive Chef of the Lausanne Palace kitchens in 2020, Christian Bertogna oversees the gastronomic pole of the place in its great diversity with five restaurants: Côté Jardin, Brasserie Grand Chêne, Sushi Zen Palace, Yogi Booster and the Michelin-starred Table du Lausanne Palace.

5 places for 5 destinations
Sensory Journey - Journey to France - Journey under the sun - Journey to Japan - Healthy Journey

"Each of our restaurants has its own gastronomic identity, transmitting all the passion of its Chef. Thus, through regularly reworked menus with rigor and respect for seasonality, we manage to bring to life our gastronomy of travel, authenticity, source of emotions for our guests in each of our restaurants."

Finally, for those who love our tables, a last trip "at home" is possible thanks to our Palace Traiteur. A desire dear to the heart of Chef Bertogna to export the kitchens beyond the walls of the hotel, thus offering the Palace to your table.